Rhodeworks are an award-winning bluegrass folk band who play fast paced, high energy folk music, presenting a set of traditional and well-loved bluegrass alongside their original material. 

Laurence (17), Sam (15) and Nate (12) are largely self-taught multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who have performed at festivals throughout NZ and Australia. Including, MountainGrass, Auckand Folk Festival, WellyFest, HamsterFest, Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, and Aongatete.  In 2017 they were recipients of the Frank Winter award for their ‘Outstanding Musical and Vocal talents’. 

As well as their dedication to creating unique roots-conscious music they love nothing more than heading to the workshop to craft their own instruments.


Laurence is 16 yrs old, has been playing guitar for 6 yrs.  Local Hamiltonian Pitt Ramsay has taken him under his wing, teaching him finger-style & flat picking.   He has taught himself to play Double Bass and Banjo.  The guitar Laurence plays he made himself.

Sam is 14 yrs old and loves Americana and Bluegrass music.  He also loves accompanying his brother playing Bass.  Sam has a remarkable ability to improvise.  He is self taught on the mandolin, and is completely insanely fast. In the last few years, he has been learning guitar from Pitt.

Nate is 11 yrs old and entirely self taught on percussion!  Nate really loves to sing.  Nathan provides tight harmonies and often takes the lead.   He has recently taken to play Dobro, Guitar and Mandolin.