RhodeWorks are an award-winning bluegrass folk band who play fast paced, high energy folk music, presenting a set of traditional and well-loved bluegrass alongside their original material.  Rounding the package, the three brothers present soulful vocal harmonies and fiery instrumentals.  Laurence (17), Sam (15) and Nate (12) are largely self-taught multi-instrumentalists, who have wowed audiences throughout NZ and Australia.  As well as their dedication to creating unique roots-conscious music they love nothing more than heading to the workshop to craft their own instruments.

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“Close your eyes, and you could swear you were in Kentucky. 

The three young musicians playing a toe-tapping tune sound like seasoned professionals, but are in fact a trio of siblings, the oldest 14, and the youngest 9, playing an original song.”

 – Laura Dooney, The Dominion Post


“The Frangos-Rhodes family has been playing their music at Farmers’ Markets, fair days, folk clubs and Hamilton’s monthly bluegrass club ‘Back Porch Bluegrass’ for a few years now, honing their performance and presentation skills and delighting all who have been watching them. They have a clear understanding of the music they’re playing, not just reproducing something learned by rote and like most acoustic bands, watch each other closely for those subtle changes that happen all the time during a performance.”

-Paul Trenwith, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band


“Having heard them in concert I could get into some detail about their performances. But let me say that when you hear them, expect to hear a range of skills on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle. Expect them to sing, brilliantly. In terms of material, expect anything from bluegrass to folk, and more besides. What you won’t be expecting perhaps is how at ease on stage they are, how well they handle any technical issue, how well they handle continuity.

Have I left anything out? Did I mention they can make their own instruments? Did I mention you can expect to see and hear youngest brother, nine year-old Nate, on percussion and vocals? And mother Tracy on upright bass? Listen also for the occasional contribution from dad on guitar, and when you do, you’ll have everyone in the highly talented RhodeWorks family at work.”

-Pitt Ramsay


“RhodeWorks mix talent with personality, and the result is top-shelf bluegrass entertainment!”

-Nat Torkington, Pipi Picker

Where we dwell

We live in a small town called Te Akatea in the Waikato region of New Zealand.  Although we stem from a small town we have played throughout New Zealand and Australia and hope to continue to do so.  Maybe even making it further afield!

Our Journey

  • MountainGrass Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival
  • Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival
  • Auckand Folk Festival
  • Wellington Folk Festival
  • Whare Flat Folk Festival
  • HamsterFest
  • Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival
  • Oparau Acoustic Festival
  • Aongatete Festival Under the Figs
  • In 2017 they were recipients of the Frank Winter award for their ‘Outstanding Musical and Vocal talents’. 
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