RhodeWorks are an award-winning bluegrass folk band who play fast paced, high energy folk music, introducing a set of traditional and well-loved bluegrass alongside their original material.  Rounding the package, the three brothers present soulful vocal harmonies and fiery instrumentals.  Laurence (18), Sam (16) and Nate (13) are largely self-taught multi-instrumentalists, who have wowed audiences throughout NZ and Australia.  As well as their dedication to creating unique roots-conscious music they love nothing more than heading to the workshop to craft their own instruments.


Laurence (18)  has been playing guitar for 8 years and banjo for 5 years.  His love of bluegrass music has been nurtured by the folk community in New Zealand and has allowed him to gain many of the skills required to play authentic bluegrass music.  His love of all things music has led him to pursue his interests as a luthier. He made his first guitar at 13 and still plays it!  His current project is his first, but certainly not his last, F-type mandolin.


Sam (16) was born to play music; if it has strings he can play it!  He can competently play mandolin, fiddle, guitar, cello and bass.  Sam began playing fiddle at the age of 6 and has developed his love of bluegrass by watching the bluegrass greats ‘The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band’.  With more great bluegrass bands, such as Mile Twelve and The Lonely Heartstring Band, touring New Zealand he has managed to expand his skills to the next level.  The sky’s the limit!


Nate (13) has music ingrained into his soul.  There hasn’t been a time in his life when he has not been surrounded by music and it shows.  He can pick up any instrument and play it.  He also has the remarkable ability to blend soulful harmonies, but isn’t afraid to stride out confidently and take the lead.  Although Nate hasn’t quite found the instrument he will play with the band we have no doubt he will be one of the greats!